Frequently Asked Questions

Are Classes In Person?

Yes! We have finally found a new location! Join us for in person classes at 805 Highway 8 in Stoney Creek.

What age groups do you offer classes to?

We offer classes to kids, teens and adults starting at age 4. In our Programs section each class has a suggested age group. Project scopes are designed with the age level,  fine motor abilities as well as cognitive level in mind. 

What are the prices of the sessions?

Our prices differ from program depending on the materials and teaching. All prices can be found on our registration pages. 
We are currently accepting e-transfer and cash as payment for classes.

Questions Regarding Virtual Classes

please note that our virtual classes that included material boxes are currently not running as we have a new physical location.

Virtual Classes-How do the material boxes work?

After you register I will pack the box and email you of a date as to when the box will be dropped to your porch. Inside the box along with the art materials is a list of what is to keep and what I will be taking back. Along with that is a detailed schedule of the weeks, the project theme, materials needed and any special notes.
After the session I will email you the pick up date of the box from you porch.

What do I need to know for setting up my child for virtual art lessons at home?

Please remember that art is fun but sometimes can be messy! Remember to wear play clothes just in case you spill or get an art material on your clothing. You will also want to cover your workspace so that the fun stays off your furniture and on the paper or canvas (newspaper, plastic table cloth or a garbage bag works great).

What is included in the materials box?

Each box is filled and catered to the specific class. All materials needed for the lessons are included, such as paper, canvas, brushes,  and other artist materials needed. 

How well will my child be able to see the instructions online?

When we host our virtual lessons I use two camera set ups- one is up close on the art for step by step instruction and demonstrations, and the other is on the instructors face so that they can interact with your child.

Do I have to pay to use Zoom for my childs lessons?

Not at all! Each week you will be sent an email with a new Zoom link for the upcoming class, along with any special instructions for materials or reminders.

Do you have a policy for Abuse Prevention?

Yes, we do. Please read the following document. (This is a clickable link)